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List of documents required for Indian citizens to get Married in Morocco

by mgsbm

Morocco is one of the most beautiful and hospitable country in whole world. And whole world is crazy about Moroccan girls. Men who are from South East Asia like India and Pakistan marry Moroccan girls a lot. I am myself an Indian and my wife is Moroccan citizen. We married in March, 2023.  I have seen lots of Indians want to marry in Morocco and they are confused about the list of documents required by Moroccan Courts for getting married. Since I already married so I am the best person to guide you in this.

List of Documents required – 

  • Here are the following list of documents required by Indian men from India before travelling to Morocco
  1. Single Status Certificate (Most Important Document, they call it Capacity of Marriage in Morocco)
  2. Police Clearance Certificate issued by MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)
  3. Birth Certificate issued by REGISTRAR of BIRTH & DEATH
  4. Income/Profession proof (Job offer letter or Bank Statement etc.)
  5. Copy of Aadhar Card (Keep original with you, this will be used to show as residence proof)
  6. Copy of Passport
  7. Passport size photographs (upto 5 copies)

You can click on each link and get specific detail about everything.

  • Here are the following list of documents required by Moroccan women for the Marriage in Morocco
  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Capacity of Marriage
  3. Moroccan National ID
  4. Criminal Record from Moroccan Court
  • List of documents required by Moroccan courts from Indian men when they reach in Morocco
  1. Criminal Record from Moroccan Court
  2. Nationality Certificate from Indian Embassy of Rabat (In my case, my passport worked as Nationality Certificate but sometimes some courts may insist about it)

Step by Step process – 

  1. Prepare all the document required before going to Morocco and also ask your fiance to prepare all her documents as well.
  2. Once you prepared all your document in India, make sure to apostille them from MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), New Delhi. Email me at [email protected] and I will send you agent name who get this done from me in cheap price and fast. There is no need for your Moroccan fiance to apostille her documents.
  3. Get your Visa for Morocco. You can also read this article How to get Moroccan Visa from India?
  4. Book your airline tickets for Morocco.
  5. Apply for your criminal record for Morocco online one day before your flight. Read this article How to apply for Moroccan Criminal Record Online?
  6. Catch your flight and enjoy your time in the flight.
  7. Once you land in Casablanca or Rabat airport, then see if it is Saturday or Sunday or not. If it is not Saturday or Sunday or any moroccan National Holiday then you can visit immediately visit Moroccan court to collect your criminal record which you applied online on step 5.
  8. After getting the criminal record, you can visit Indian Embassy in Rabat for getting your Nationality Certificate. (Your passport is enough to prove your Nationality and I did not needed any Nationality Certificate in my marriage but it depends on your area court so better first confirm if passport is enough for Nationality proof or they need Nationality Certificate from Indian Embassy). You can also read How to get Nationality Certificate from Indian Embassy Rabat?
  9. Now till the above step your documentation part is complete and now you have to translate them to Arabic language.  You can get the list of authorised translators from this link from the official web site of ATAJ. Make sure to choose those translators which are listed in this website otherwise your documents will not be accepted. Translators charge usually 100-300 MAD per document. It all depends on your negotiation skills. You can also read Best way to translate documents in Morocco.
  10. After that you will to hire an adoul in Morocco. You can see them also in Moroccan marriage courts. They are the one responsible for making marriage certificate etc. They charge 2000 MAD which is 16000 INR for providing their services in case if mixed marriage. In this step, you will hire them and them to prepare a proof of Islam religion for you. You need this document to prove that you are a Muslim.
  11. Now make 4 copies of all the documents you have till now from start and go to any office in Morocco which legalise the documents. They will charge 2 MAD which is 16 INR per document to legalise your documents. Make sure they legalise all the photo copies which you have.
  12. After making 4 sets of each document, you have to visit the Moroccan marriage court. You can ask your adoul also to come with you if you want.
  13. Handover the 3 sets of documents to Moroccan marriage court, they will process your documents and ask you and your fiance signature in some documents and they will provide you a copy of your documents and send you to the main Court.
  14. In the main Court, they will verify your documents and then they will provide you a sealed envelop and ask you to go to Police Station of that area. Make sure do not open this envelop.
  15. Visit the police station guided by the main court and handover the envelop to the police officer responsible for Mixed marriage. He will ask you several questions. You can read here What are the questions asked by Police Station for Mixed Marriage Approval?
  16. After questioning from you and your fiance, police will send their report to the marriage court with 2 to 7 days.
  17. Wait for your report and regularly check Moroccan family court where you have submitted your documents where they received feedback from police or not. Once they receive the feedback they will provide you the envelop and you can handover this envelop to adoul and he will make your marriage certificate.
  18. Congratulation you are married now.

I have written a detailed article on How Indian men can get married in Morocco. But still if you need some suggestions and discussion on any point then you can email me at [email protected] and I will respond you as soon as possible there or you can leave a comment here also.

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